Gridder, Some fun with Javascript and CSS3

3 years ago

Ages ago over lunch at RiffRaff, we were talking about the simple beauty of Array’s. I was still getting to grips with JavaScript and got excited at the possibility of creating something using jQuery and Arrays. So, what did I create?

Well, I worked on Gridder in my spare time.

It’s still just a concept at the moment; The html, css and javascript is messy, the design ugly and the user experience could be better. But it’s a starting point and important to me because:

  • Through Gridder I noew understand multi-dimensional array’s. Funny now now but I use Javascript Array’s almost daily for Front-End Development at RiffRaff.
  • Researching the technologies I can use to advance Gridder has introduced me to CSS3 and HTML5 technologies valuable to client work.
  • It reminds me that implementing technology is a creative process. I come from a Digital Fine Art background and Gridder is nostalgic to me.

So is Gridder Finished?

Nope, hopefully I’ll be able develop this more as there’s a ton of functionality I’d love to add:

Ok, So Why Post This Now?

Well, I enjoyed knocking this together in a few hours and it’s a little trip down memory lane. It’s good to look back to remind yourself how far what you’ve learnt and how much more there is still to learn. Besides, I find Gridder quite fun! You might too. Feel free to hack it, break it, re-blog it. Let me know if you do anything cool with it.

Give Gridder a try

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