Who To Tip: A Personal Project

1 year ago

Over the past year I’ve been making a concerted effort to get my head around Ruby On Rails.  Whototip.net is the first public result of that; It documents tipping etiquette around the world at hotels, at restaurants, in spas, in taxi drivers and for tour gudes.  For example: Tipping in Spain

The site uses Devise for admin authentication, Redcarpet to parse Markdown, HAML for its templates, SASS for its css and the fantastic Heroku for hosting.  It is built responsively of-course and in the future I’ll  use Backbone to make the page transitions and admin interface a little slicker. Once it has some traffic I’ll test it properly across the less modern browsers but for now I’ll be focussing on content and traffic. If you have any ideas how to get free traffic, please do tweet me.

If Ruby On Rails is something you are interested in learning then you could do worse than to watch the fantastic rails tutorial


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